Pastured & Grass-fed Meats

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Now Taking orders for Summer/Fall 2020

E-MAIL LIST: The main way we keep our customers informed of upcoming product availability and other farm news is by maintaining a Perry's Corners Farm customer e-mail list. Our products are sold in bulk quantities by pre-order well in advance of slaughter dates via this e-mail list. To sign up for the e-mail list, simply send a message indicating your interest to: You will receive notices from us a few times a year.

HOW WE SELL OUR PRODUCTS & TIMING: All our beef/lamb/pork is sold fresh frozen - i.e. frozen immediately after butchering. Chicken orders are to be picked-up fresh on processing days. We sell our beef, lamb and pork in butcher paper and chickens are bagged and vacuum packaged. 

Grass-fed Lamb is available as whole or half lambs in the summer/early fall.

Grass-fed Beef is available in sides and quarters custom butchered and 20lb "Beef Samplers" which includes a mix of roasts, steaks and ground beef. We will have beef available early summer (for BBQ season!) and in the fall/winter.  

Pastured Pork is available as whole hogs or sides custom butchered and 10lb "Pork Samplers" which include one of each: a ham or shoulder roast, pork chops, ground pork, bacon and sausage. Available June and December.

Pastured Chicken is available as whole roasters (~5lbs), with butchering taking place June - October. 

Orders are paid in full at the time of pick up - e-transfer, cash or cheques accepted. For large orders, we mayrequire a deposit.  Deposits are considered a "commitment to purchase" and are non-refundable.

PICK-UP / DELIVERY: We encourage customers who live in the area to pick up directly from the farm store. If you cannot make it out to the farm store, alternate arrangements may be made in advance.

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