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1/2 and whole lambs custom Butchered - WAIT LIST ONLY


How to Order Perry's Corners Farm GrassFed lamb

Majority of our sales are done through custom butchering. This sales method helps us focus on farming and keeps the butchering and packing costs down. Please fill out the cutting instructions to place your order for 1/2 or whole lamb. 

  • 100% Grass-fed Half Lamb* - $7.50/lb (approx 20lbs) $50 deposit
  • 100% Grass-fed Whole Lamb* - $7.50/lb (approx 40lbs) $100 deposit

*Prices and weights for both whole lambs and sides are based on hanging weight, and include cutting, wrapping and freezing. Take home weights are approximately 20-30% less than hanging weight due to trimming and deboning.

Notes: When purchasing whole lambs/sides you choose all your own cuts.  A half lamb  will ideally be 20lbs hanging weight (weights are heavily dependent on how the season goes ie. wet/dry season) at 6-7 months of age and the basic cuts will include a leg roast, shoulder roast, lamb chops, shanks, ribs, ground and stewing lamb.  

Lamb is available in the late summer/fall. 

This form is simplified to give customers the basic options. But if you know what you want and it is not on the form please feel free to make use of the notes section or leave a note for the butcher to call you and you can speak with them directly. (The call is usually the afternoon or evening before the butcher date).

Once you submit this form you will receive an emailed invoice asking for a deposit. Orders will be confirmed upon receipt of deposit. Deposits can be made via e-transfer or drop off/mail cash or cheque. Please make cheques payable to Megan Thomas. Deposits are considered a commitment to purchase and are nonrefundable. 

The butcher dates will be confirmed a few weeks before the actual day, you will get a reminder email that they are booked in and an idea of when your lamb will be ready to pick-up (approx two weeks later). 

Pick-up takes place at Perry's Corners Farm Store.  If you can not make it during store hours please contact Megan to make alternate arrangements. 

Lamb Cutting Instructions

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