Garden CSA Shares

19 weeks of Fresh Organic vegetables from our garden

Community Supported Agriculture

Thank you for your interest in our Garden Csa. We are busy planning the 2019 season!
What is CSA?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between a local farmer and community members. Members commit to the farm by paying an up-front membership fee in the spring, and in turn receive a weekly share of the farm’s fresh produce. CSA is a mutually beneficial relationship in which a farm supports the community’s needs for fresh, nutritious food, and community support allows a farmer to devote his/her energies toward farming sustainably.

Garden CSA members receive a weekly share of freshly picked, seasonal vegetables:
  • The veggies are harvested the day before or the morning of your pick-up
  • The pick-up is farmers market style – though the content of each week’s share is chosen by the farmers (and the weather!), the veggies are displayed in bulk so you can choose the lettuce or bunch of carrots that appeals to you and swap items that you don’t want with others
  • Members bring their own bags and containers to bring their food home in
  • Each week, members receive a farm newsletter, including info about the farm and recipes
Benefits for Member Families:
  • exceptionally fresh, locally-produced, delicious vegetables
  • a direct relationship with the farm and the farmer who grows your food
  • a chance to learn about new vegetables, share recipes, and expand your culinary horizons
  • reliable, regular access to quality organic vegetables at a reasonable price
  • the chance to learn more about organic agriculture
  • the opportunity to visit the farm, get to know your farmers and be connected with your food’s origins
  • a chance to share in the abundance as well as the risks inherent in each farming season
Benefits for Farmers:
  • a guaranteed market for farm products throughout the season
  • timely financial support to help cover production expenses
  • a close relationship with loyal customers and new friends
  • a means to build strong communities with ties to local agricultural production
  • the ability to share some of the risks inherent in each farming season
  • a great sense of satisfaction through direct contact with the families we help feed(From Ferme Tournesol Website)


 - You want to eat locally and in season

 - You care about what you eat, where it comes from, and how it’s grown

 - You want to develop connections to the people and land that grows your food


A typical pick-up consists of 5-6 items that vary by the week and by the season.  Staple crops include tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, carrots, beans, potatoes, squash, cucumbers and greens such as lettuce, spinach and kale. Please see our membership agreement for a complete list of the vegetables we grow.


You pay a seasonal membership fee to join the Garden CSA.  For the 2019 season (19 weeks), a share costs $210. The membership fee can be paid annually by cash, cheque or e-transfer.  More flexible payments options can be arranged as required. Space is limited, please sign up early!

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